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Websites built without fuss. You don’t need any knowledge of programming, hosting, or any of that other technical stuff.
All websites are bespoke and come complete with everything you need inclusive of website design, web hosting space, full email services and more.
You can choose your layout, add text, photos, colours, message boards, forms, calenders, the choice is yours.
All work is completed in a transparent way with you being left in control

Design & Build

My Web Guy provides a quality range of website design, maintenance and content management services at affordable prices.

SEO & Marketing

Search Engine Optimised and linked with Social Media Promotion and Content Marketing to effectively promote your business.

Mobile friendly

All work produced will be optimised for viewing on all screen sizes – just resize this screen and see what happens.


This very popular, and easy to use, Content Management System comes highly recommended.


Wordpress Development
Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)
Social Media

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Reliable, fast and stable UK based web hosting

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